Anime Review #2


To be very honest with you guys, I watched this anime because I mistook it for ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM😂😂. I was going to stop immediately but then I was drawn to it by the main protagonist, KIYOTAKA AYANOKOUJI, the unsociable SUZUNE HORIKITA who thinks she’s beneath the class that she was put in and does her very best to reach CLASS A just to prove to her brother that she isn’t useless after all and the seemingly friendly girl who thinks she can be friends with everyone in the whole school(😂 I find this impossible to be frank with you), she goes by the name KIKYOU KUSHIDA and she has nice oppai😍.

Phone screen display: Classroom of the elite
Me: Shit I thought this was Assassination Classroom😂

Genre: Slice of Life, Psychological, Drama, School

Season/Episodes: 1/12

Year: 2017

Duration: 24 mins per episode

Aired: Jul 12, 2017 to Sept 27, 2017

Status: Finished Airing

Studios: Lerche

Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older


Synopsis: KOUDO IKUSEI SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL is established to produce students with excellent qualities and it is ranked highly in Japan. But in reality, each students are placed in CLASSES where the highest CLASS is given preferential treatment over others.

KIYOTAKA AYANOKOUJI is placed in CLASS D even after showing tremendous intellectual and physical abilities, the reason is because he doesn’t care about people only himself and he’s ready to use them as tools to achieve his goals. Then he meets SUZUNE HORIKITA who feels she doesn’t need anybody to succeed and strongly feels she was placed in the wrong class. He also meets KIKYOU KUSHIDA who believes she can be friends with everyone (she has a shocking and amazing side, well I do find it amazing tho😏😊) so do well to appreciate her other side like I do. Together with the rest of the class and some friends from other classes work hard together while trying to save themselves from expulsion the question now is does CLASS D have what it takes to reach the highest class, CLASS A while battling oppressions from other classes?

My Thoughts: It is really good but I became very much interested when I saw the Student Council President challenging Ayanokouji and he deflected all his attacks. I’m sure you’ll be more interested in the show like I was.

I give it a 7/10 and that’s because I’m not a fan of SLICE OF LIFE.

  • Very good animation style
  • Okay storyline

Ayanokouji is bound to surprise you guys to be honest and you’ll probably wish for a second season right away. Sadly there’s none for now😢😢, but no worries, once there’s an official date I will let you guys know about it on this post, so keep checking for the update😊😊.

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  1. I’ve been wishing for the second season for a long time. Sadly, there is none for now. I love that his expressionless face the most, especially that his dull eyes.
    I had to read the books since I couldn’t take it anymore


    • A second season will definitely come out soon. No news on it that’s the problem but when the official date is out, I’ll let you know about it. Feel free to read the rest of my blog posts


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