Anime Review #3



There aren’t many Vampire related anime out there that are top notch, but HELLSING ULTIMATE happens to be one of the best in the anime world. I watched it because it’s action-packed and not ignoring the fact that this show has one of the coolest protagonist🏆. Alucard be feeling fly with his dope red overall, shades, hat and his guns ( .454 CASULL and JACKAL )

.454 Casull

VLAD TEPES III also known as Dracula, Vlad The Impaler, The Count, The Bird of Hermes but commonly and famously known as ALUCARD is definitely one of the strongest vampires out there. He’s really fun to watch and his underling is someone to watch too. She’s a beauty too, probably why I like her😏

After all “watashi wa oppai daiski”😂😂 (I love boobs)

Genre(s): Supernatural, Action, Horror, Military, Vampire, Seinen

OVA: 10 episodes

Year: Winter 2006

Duration: 50 mins

Aired: Feb 10, 2006 to Dec 26, 2012

Status: Finished Airing

Studios: Madhouse, Satelight, Graphinica

Rating: R-17+ (violence and profanity)


Synopsis: THE HELLSING ORGANIZATION has been in constant war with VAMPIRES for centuries. After ARTHUR HELLSING passed away, he named his only daughter, INTEGRA FAIRBROOK WINGATES HELLSING as the next head of the organization. His brother, RICHARD HELLSING was furious and wanted to kill her so he could take her organization.

But while she was trying to escape she remembers her father telling her that if she encountered any problem she should go to the basement. She goes down there and after being shot by her uncle, her blood awakens ALUCARD.

SIR INTEGRA HELLSING together with ALUCARD, WALTER and their new recruit, SERAS VICTORIA go into battle against Vampires and THE JUDAS ISCARIOT ORGANIZATION

My Thoughts: Excellent beginning, Very good middle, very good ending. I mostly enjoyed the fight scenes against FATHER ANDERSON. It had some teary moments also😢😢. My emotional readers should prepare their minds while watching the show.

I give it a solid 8.5/10, I strongly recommend this anime to you if you really love action and supernatural events

  • Cool storyline
  • Good dialogue
  • Good animation style

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  1. Interesting review. I’ve seen the original Hellsing, but not this version. I did hear good things about it. Funny enough, the director also worked on Haibane Renmei which is such a polar opposite.

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