Anime Review #5


I’m a very very very big fan of comedy shows, so without a doubt, GRAND BLUE is placed among my top best anime of all time. It’s the funniest anime I have seen so far. I definitely rank it above the likes of ASOBI ASOBASE, HINAMATSURI, TORADORA and BARAKAMON. I honestly never knew that Japanese could be funny😂😂 and they have made their point. I started reading mangas in general because I couldn’t accept the fact that the anime ended in 12 episodes😢😢.

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Seinen

Type: TV

Episodes: 12

Year: Summer 2018

Duration: 24 mins per episode

Aired: Jul 14, 2018 to Sept 29, 2018

Status: Finished Airing

Studios: Zero-G

Ratings: PG 13, Teens 13 or older


Synopsis: IORI KITAHARA was sent to stay at a residence by his parents above GRAND BLUE, his uncle’s scuba diving shop at a town in Izu for his freshman year at it’s University. On getting there, he fills his head with thoughts of having an ideal college experience. Until he reaches the shop and meets SHINJI TOKITA and RYUUJIROU KOTOBUKI playing rock-paper-scissors naked while drinking. He still ends up joining the party until his cousin, CHISA KOTEGAWA nabs him in the act and that gave her a bad idea about him😂😂😂. Watch as Iori adjusts to the new life here with his new friends while enjoying the fun in Scuba Diving.

My thoughts: Like I said earlier, it is the funniest anime I have ever seen. With it’s mild nudity, alcoholism and it’s mature jokes, I give it a solid 9/10

I strongly recommend this anime to you if you’re looking for comedy anime.

  • Good animation style
  • Since it’s a comedy anime, I can’t fully say it has an actual storyline but it doesn’t affect the quality of the anime


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