You’re tired, you have no time to cook and you need to eat something fast, nutritious and cheap?

Look no further because I present to you your solution.

The Best Taste Of Life is your quickest way to get your food without stress or worries. Why you should try it out 👇

  • It’s very affordable.
  • You can place reservations and have it delivered at your door step within the limits of operation.
  • The foods are very nutritious, tasty and well packed for health reasons.

We offer you barbecue fish and barbecue chicken with side dishes like Potatoes.

Barbecue Chicken & Fish

We all know Hamburgers are the most delicious fastfoods and because we know a lot of you guys enjoy this, we decided to make this. So feel free to order our tasty hamburgers.


We also offer mouth watering Sharwama that will ease your body after a long day of work.


We also offer you chinchin for your late night snack or something to keep your mouth busy. You can also order bigger bowls of Chinchin.

Crunchy Chinchin

Small chops are one of the essential foods in parties or in your home for leisure or hosting (which we advise strongly due to the pandemic). With our added assortments, you definitely come looking for more.

Small Chops with assortments

Get your roll of good luck with our tasty Eggroll and Fishroll. Have a bite of our hot and soft snacks and unlock the door of joy and happiness in your life.

Fish Rolls
Egg Rolls

Our sugary donuts are so good that you’re definitely bound to come back to get more, which is a guarantee.


For information and enquires about our products, please contact us on our various medium

Or you can call our numbers that are available 24/7

Ebony foods: 08023655789

Ebony foods 2: 08078882675

The Best Taste Of Life: 08132916459


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