3 Months!!!

On this day, @delirenua convinced me to write a blog. Although this is something I have done in the past but I got discouraged and I abandoned it. But I am here again doing something I enjoy with the help of a friend and Covid-19 as well.

Three months have passed by and I can say I have enjoyed every moment. When I started blogging, I planned on dropping it once everything goes back to normal but now I’m certain I wouldn’t because I enjoy doing this. Talking about anime is one of the few things I enjoy talking about and now that there’s a way I can talk about it without restrictions, I’m definitely not stopping. I’m grateful to everyone who reads my blog and people who are going to read it in the future.

My first post was a review on 91 days and even after writing that I still didn’t have a clear purpose. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do but now I’m certain and that is to entertain everyone. I’m still learning with lots of room for improvement and that’s possible if you guys (my readers) keep encouraging me. I also thank God for allowing all these to happen.

My first post
I have written 25 posts so far
I have gained 47 amazing followers
I was nominated for an award which I’m 100% grateful for

I hope for better days to come and I thank you all for witnessing this beautiful moment with me


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