Weekly Anime Challenge #1

Every week, I’ll be participating in an anime challenge. You can hit me up if you wanna participate as well.

What’s the very first anime you watched?

Fairy Tail

At the time I watched this show, I wasn’t aware it was called anime. I just watched it because I thought it was cartoon with a different language (Japanese), and I was still young then so I had to skip all those parts aimed at Fan Service.

After getting to know what anime was and delving into lots of it, I can say Fairy Tail was an awesome anime. Although some my friends aren’t on the same train of thought with me. Fairy tail was one of those long shows that kept me entertained for as long as the show ran.

Synopsis: Lucy came all the way to Harujion Town, to find The Salamander instead she meets Natsu and his companion; Happy, a flying cat. She was later deceived by a fake salamander and was abducted until she was saved by Natsu. She didn’t realize that Natsu isn’t just any ordinary guy, he’s The Salamander, a Fire Mage and a member of one of the world’s most infamous mage guilds: Fairy Tail.

Click here to download season 1

Click here to download season 2

Click here to download season 3

Click here to download OVA

Click here to download Fairy Tail Movie: Dragon Cry

It also has really interesting characters who made the show worth watching and extremely funny.

Characters I like

  1. Natsu Dragneel: Natsu is the main character and protagonist of the show. He is a Fire Mage who belongs to the Fairy Tail Guild who also learnt Dragon Slayer Magic from the Fire Dragon who raised him named Igneel. Natsu is also the brother of Zeref who was created to kill him, he also known as E.N.D ( ). I liked him because of his unwavering passion for his guild, his care for his guild members and always trying to challenge the strongest members of the guild like Erza Scarlet and Laxus. He is hot headed, sometimes he doesn’t think before acting and he his also a very funny character who is always in disagreement with Gray.
  2. Gray FullBuster: Gray is literally the opposite of Natsu in terms of ability (being able to wield Ice Maker Magic and Demon Slayer Magic) and in terms of character has always been the cool headed one, although that doesn’t stop him from clashing heads with Natsu.
  3. Erza Scarlet: She’s the strongest female mags in the Fairy Tail Guild, who wields Equip and Re-Equip Magic which means she can switch between weapons and armors that increases are physical stats. She is quite the boss lady but still shown to exhibit her cuteness, she quite the beauty tho.
  4. Zeref: I actually like him because I understood why he did somethings and that made me think he was evil at first glance. His love of science made him who he was and that caused him pain, grief abd sadness. He also quite the powerful character with a magic that kills life.

More pictures:

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See you next week for the next challenge


      • Gomen! I can’t believe I missed your reply! I really like the 1985 OVA, but I guess “good” is subjective. I really enjoy the dark, post-apocalyptic content. The story is a bit cheesy? At least, that is what one of my friends told me who didn’t like it. I have not watched Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, which is the more recent animated film. I should do that…

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