Should I be worried?

So I’m up this morning and I’m going through my comments. Occasionally, I skim through the comments categorized as spam and the few I read got me a bit worried. I’m not sure if I should to be honest because for a fact it is regarded as spam and spams comments are mostly irrelevant. Anyways before I post the screenshots of the comments that are kinda bothering me, I was told 2 days ago by a friend that my site took long before opening and the spam comments are somewhat similar to what my friend said. Uhm, guys are you having similar issues with my site, like does it take long to load and does the pictures display badly on your screen?

And if indeed, you guys have a problem with it. Is there a way I can fix this, I need your advice and experience on this. Thanks in advance.


  1. Looks like spam to me. First off, if they link anything at all, the name is a link, or there is a link anywhere, its almost surely spam.

    Also, many spam comments will bring up webhosting, your theme, and things like that. Sometimes theyll ask like “who do you use?” or “what theme do you use?” .

    Many will make some broad statement regarding your post that mentions no specifics also, that they liked it, that something has changed, its their favourite, etc.

    Some of the ones youve displayed here Ive seen many times. I wouldnt worry about them. You can check how everything looks yourself on your phone / computer and if its OK, then its OK. Dont overthink it.

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  2. I never pay much attention to spam like this. I know my site doesn’t look as great on mobile phone as it does on browser but it is passable (aside from my banner being cut but I can’t fix that) .
    I don’t think it is a systematic problem and the majoirty of WordPress reads blogs in reader anyway so I think you should treat it is a non-issue. As long as you aren’t investing money in expensive adaptive themes we will be limited at times. It works fine it just doesnt work for 100% of the people. As for these spammers I get them a lot as well and they bring up issues that 90% of the time aren’t true just with the idea to sell you something in term of webhosting.

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  3. I think these are all spam comments, a few of them look similar to ones I’ve received. I opened up your website in Firefox, just to double check, and everything looked fine in that browser as far as I could tell. I don’t think you need to worry 🙂

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  4. If it gets caught in the spam filter that means that a large number of other people have had similar emails and reported them as spam. It’s good to check because occasionally valid comments will find their way in there.

    These look to be 100% spam. Delete them and keep on doing what you’re doing.

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  5. That’s spam. I’ve gotten similar comments before in the past. It’s good to check your spam filter to delete these comments, but also to check for ones by real bloggers, too. Yeah, those comments are spam-a-riffic.

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