Anime Trivia Champ

In case you’re wondering who the champ is…..that’s me.

Last 2 months I have been actively participating in an Anime Fest sponsored by AniWe_Convention Although it was meant to be done in the public but Covid-19, the general lockdown and the crisis turned it to an online Fest. It was still interesting tho. The Anime Trivia was the last event which was done via Instagram Live

And when I was announced the Anime Trivia Champ, I felt really happy.

What made me more happy are the new titles I was given;

  • L Of Our Time
  • Aizen Reincarnate
  • Trivia Hokage ( I wasn’t so pumped to be given this title because I don’t like Naruto)

I’ll be participating for the upcoming Fest this December sponsored by AniWe_Convention

Please cheer me on!!!

Hello and goodbye😂😂


  1. Congratulations on beating that quiz. That’s really awesome. I’m sure I would fail when it comes to the newer series with these questions. Haha! I’ve also debated making some kind of quiz with Iridium Eye.

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