Interview With Aizen: Episode 5

I never knew I was going to continue the series. But here I am, so let’s have fun together.

Aizen: What’s your name?

Guest: Jessica

Aizen: Why do you like anime?

Guest: I like anime because you see things you often won’t see in live actions and the way animation is used to tell stories in a beautiful way

Aizen: What’s the first anime you watched?

Guest: Powerpuff Girls Z

Aizen: What’s your favourite anime?

Guest: Gintama and One Piece…in this case, I have 2 favourites

Aizen: If you were an anime character, who would you be and why?

Guest: I would be Megumin from Konosuba because she’s cute and fun plus I’d love to cast an explosion spell

Aizen: Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed

Guest: Kiss X Sis

Aizen: What’s your favourite anime verse?

Guest: I’d say One Piece….the world is beautifully diverse

Aizen: What’s your favourite genre?

Guest: Shojo

Aizen: What’s your favourite Hero?

Guest: Takasugi and Kamui

Aizen: What’s your favourite villain?

Guest: Stain

Aizen: Your anime crush?

Guest: Too many to count

Aizen: What’s your saddest anime scene?

Guest: Too many to count

Aizen: Anime character you’re most similar to?

Guest: Popura from Working and Megumin from Konosuba

Aizen: Anime with best animation

Guest: Demon Slayer

Aizen: What’s your favourite supporting character?

Guest: Zenitsu, Sanji, Zoro, Sougo, Katsura and Levi

Aizen: Anime that never get old no matter how many times you’ve watched it

Guest: Saiki K

Aizen: Most epic scene ever

Guest: Jirocho and Gintoki vs The Harasume Pirates, Gintoki vs Hosen, Luffy putting his hat on Nami’s head, Robin saying she wants to live and Zoro’s “nothing happened” scene in thiller park

Aizen: Anime character you hate

Guest: Orihime

Aizen: What’s your favourite attack someone used in an anime?

Guest: I love whenever anyone uses Conqueror’s Haki and Yami’s Dimension Slash

Aizen: Maddest anime plot twist

Guest: Hmm….I’m not sure

Aizen: What’s your saddest anime death?

Guest: I can’t think of any

Aizen: Favourite quote from any anime character

Guest: “Give up on your dream and die” -Levi Ackerman

Aizen: An anime you wished was real

Guest: None

Aizen: An anime you wish never ended

Guest: Saiki K

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