Sakamoto Desu Ga? (Picture Edition)

This show really made me laugh, I never thought I was going to watch it ngl…why? Because I completely assumed it wasn’t worth it. I went about (as usual) searching for comedy anime to watch and I saw it. I read the synopsis but I wasn’t convinced enough or rather still, I wasn’t ready to risk wasting data but I did 3 months after I first heard about it. And I certainly enjoyed it, I’m going to review it soon but for today, I’m here to share screenshots of the show

N.B I purposely upload a small amount of screenshots because I don’t wish to spoil everything for you, that’s another reason why I don’t review ongoing anime (also I can’t keep up with several shows to be honest), I wonder how Irina does it. Also, if you notice I have a pattern to how I upload my review posts which I will talk more on it in another post. So do enjoy the pictures

So that’s it from Sakamoto.

Are you ready?, Cause I am!!!

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