My first day of a possible online class

So today’s a Monday but of course you know that but today marks the first day of our online classes, the course(s) we are having today hasn’t been decided but in some few hours I’ll be informed. And I said possible online classes because there’s still a small chance none will hold.

I’m still not prepared even after we were given a week to prepare (which wasn’t planned but unknowingly that happened).

These are three courses that are available right now

Honestly speaking I’m not feeling hyped about this because it’s still going feel like a regular class – all the lecturers are still going to bombard us with materials with no room for explanation but I heard that they want us to have Google Meet, so that might solve the explanation problem and our normal classes has always been just materials, materials and nothing else except materials.

So I’ll be waiting for updates while I eat Jollof Rice and drink coffee for breakfast.

While I watch Attack on Titan latest episode

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