Anime Merch Shopping

So today I decided to go shopping but when I say shopping, y’all shouldn’t expect something grand. In fact, it was very much the opposite, I bought 4 anime wall posters and 2 anime customized facemasks (because I value my life and Anime).

Tokyo Ghoul x Anteiku x Kaneki Ken
One Piece x Luffy
Fairy Tail x Natsu
I don’t know this anime tho…do you guys know the name?

I forgot to take pictures of the facemasks but they are One Piece and Attack on Titan customized.

This weekend, I’m going to get more because I’m done changing the look of my room and I can’t be done unless I have AOT wallpapers. If you like to know where I got mine from, feel free to contact Aniwe_Convention

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