Lessons to be learned from Anime || Applications of Anime in Real Life

I gotta say this real quick to the non weebs out there, Anime can be of massive help to people, it just depends on how you view it.

Anime isn’t just animation made in Japan neither is it just an animation made for kids only (a major misconception about Anime), it is a very diverse form of entertainment (in terms of the things you could learn from it).

To be very honest with you, I don’t know why people often make annoying jokes about anime, saying things like “it’s babyish”, “it’s boring” and the rants goes on for eternity. And like I have told every non weeb that there’s no difference between Anime and Movies, it’s more of less the same thing. The only striking differences are the language and the fact that anime is 2D/3D. Anime have quality storyline like Movies do, good character development like Movies do.

But honestly I am tired of convincing oblivious people. It’s obvious that they don’t want to accept it and really I don’t mind. But don’t slander, that’s all.

I’m tired of trying to convince non weebs

Besides, I believe Anime is reaching more audience rapidly and on normal circumstances that’s a good thing but in a way I feel like we are getting populated and it doesn’t feel special anymore (DO YOU ALSO FEEL THE SAME AS WELL?)

Anyways I’m here to reach out to the non weebs who keep slandering without for a fact have no idea what Anime really does to the mind.

Please share this post to your non weebs and let them be educated as this post is directed to them.

1. Friendship

Without a doubt Anime consider Friendship with high priority and though it might sound childish but let’s face it, isn’t it a beautiful thing in this dead world we live in to have at least a person whom we can share our problems with, have our obviously terrible jokes being laughed at just to make us feel better, knowing fully well that there’s someone there who’s ready to listen to our rants.

It is truly a beautiful thing and lest I have forget, our friends keeps us on track and help us grow as a person. We often see our friends as rivals and it’s a good thing provided it’s an healthy competition.

In Naruto

At first the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke wasn’t so healthy but without a doubt there was a rivalry between the both of them. Naruto had to grow stronger in other to bring Sasuke out of darkness. It’s because of love (Love between Friends) he had for him that he couldn’t let him be engulfed by hatred, sadness and anger.

I actually felt annoyed by how Naruto was trying his best to bring him back and he kept backtracking the more but in the long run it paid off.

In Fairy Tail

Hahahaha, friendship is literally the core of the show. “Nakama Power” supercedes everything in the show, no villain in this verse can stop Nakama Power.

This show is often ridiculed by Weebs and Non Weebs because of the constant need for NP in other defeat a villain, it might sound funny to you but my dear friend it has a huge significance and interpretation in the real world. With good friends around you, you can overcome any problem honestly speaking.

People who commit suicide due to depression and other things, if investigated properly and deeply are without a fact “Friendless, without a real family bond or just plain lonely”. They don’t have anyone who can encourage them, make them happy and just be there for them.

A sincere hug can save millions of lives

2. Hard Work Pays

In most shounen anime, hard work is the core of the show. Being talented is good but to be honest isn’t good enough and you can actually be successful with being very hard-working even if you are talentless. Yes, the road might seem narrow but with consistent hard work you can achieve your aim.

In Boku No Hero Academia

Deku showed a lot of hard work to get where he is right now, don’t forget he was once a boy who was powerless but had that urge to save people and now he can do just thanks to his mentor, All Might, and people around him. Bakugo and other students from Class A also put in lots of hard work and that made them discover new paths in their ability. their ability.

In One Punch Man

Let’s take a look at Mumen Rider, he certainly doesn’t have that Hero look at all and also with the fact that he is kind of weak especially when fighting villains with super abilities. That didn’t stop him from performing his hero duties, even you ask me I’ll say he’s one of the most hardworking hero in his verse and I like him for that.

3. Interests in Sports

Thanks to anime I developed interests in certain sports like Volleyball, Basketball and Boxing. I just love how it’s being portrayed in anime.

4. Increase in Knowledge

Yup, I certainly have gained a lot of facts which has increased my knowledge by a millionfolds in various fields like science, sports, politics, relationship etc.

With this few points of mine, I hope y’all have learnt a few things anime can do for you. All ye non weebs, just give in to anime and stop hating already!!!!!!!.


  1. I concur a lot with the contents of this post. It’s one thing to take a show and watch it, but another to actually gain something off it which makes the time worthwhile. That’s why recently as of 2019 I’ve made posts here and now showing how anime and Christian virtues / elements have been linked, as a means of informing others of how I feel towards the medium.

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  2. Anime and fiction, in general, has impacted my life in more ways they I can name. By seeing these characters try their best and overcome all odds made me a stronger person. I always like to think that I take a little bit of every story I’ve experienced and add it to myself. I’m a crazy amalgamation of all the characters and stories I’ve experienced, and I love that.

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