My July Anime Watchlist

I sincerely hope I won’t be too occupied with work because once again I’ll be attending a Trivia competition and the animes for the quiz includes Berserk, Mirai Nikki and Bento. So I’ll need to prepare.

I haven’t seen Mirai Nikki and Bento, I hope they are good enough for me to complete before July 25.

My July Anime Watchlist are……..

1. To Your Eternity

My friends keep recommending the anime to me and Crunchyroll keep doing the same thing. So I’mma just give it a try.

2. Mirai Nikki

In response to the upcoming event, I have no choice but to watch it and aside that, it might be interesting to watch eventually. So I’ll be looking forward to it.

3. Bento

I couldn’t get a picture of the anime but please enjoy this.

Just Mirai Nikki, I’m obliged to watch it in other to be able to win the competition. I hope I actually enjoy it.

4. Monster

I have all 73 complete episodes as of last month but I decided to watch it this month for the sake of today’s post. Plus I have been holding back from watching it, I don’t why but I’m sincerely not hyped to watch it.

5. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 1 to 3

Due to circumstances, I ended up watching this series reversely i.e I actually started from Part 5 then worked my way to Part 4. So I have decided to watch Part 1 to 3 this month. And if I can’t finish up, then I’ll have to complete it by next month.

So that’s My Anime July Watchlist. I’ll give you a simple summary of how that went by the end of the month. An Anime Review coming up soon✌🏾❤️

See you later✌🏾❤️


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