My July Anime Watchlist

Click and find out the anime I plan on watching this July

My July Anime Watchlist

Hello guys!!….well the month is more or less over and I have to say that this month felt like it went by real fast. As promised, i said I’ll give a very brief summary about how it went.

Apparently, I didn’t watch all cause I’m still busy with school projects and I got a nice job recently. But I did watch Berserk (again) and Monster.

You can check my previous post on Berserk if you want to read about it. As for Monster, I guess my friends who egged me on to watch it didn’t disappoint me after all. Like I said initially, I wasn’t eager to watch it and even after I began watching it, I still get the vibe to push on I guess it because it’s a slow paced anime. Monster is your type of anime that specializes in dialogue, so it’s a type of anime that you have to be patient with it and enjoy the dialogue as the story progresses. It really was amazing eventually.

Be anticipating my next Anime Watchlist for August!!!

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