My First Manga Review: Guard Pass

Some of you guys might not know but initially I wasn’t a big fan of manga, but gradually I’m enjoying it a lot now. I mostly read comedy manga because they are easy to portray compared to action manga. So I have read mainstream comedy mangas but I haven’t reviewed them because I have reviewed them as “Anime Reviews”, so my first Manga Review is actually an Action Manga/Manwha.

It goes by the name of Guard Pass which I consider to be under Sports Manga because it’s all about Jiujitsu.

Hajin is such a beaut ❤️

Name: Guard Pass

Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Sports

Status: Ongoing

Source/Extension: Mangadex


Lim Sejun, who likes to eat, is fat and has a large physique. He has high self-esteem and a firm personality that doesn’t even care about being teased for being fat. He has only one friend, ‘Seo Hajin’. She has always been learning Jiujitsu to protect Sejun since childhood. One day, Sejun has trouble with a delinquent in the same class, and Hajin sees it and destroys that delinquent. But one night, Hajin is found severely beaten and suffers from a badly injured knee and more serious psychological trauma. Sejun tries to tell the police, but when the investigation doesn’t make much progress, he can’t control his anger and goes to find the culprit himself, but he’s defeated by the delinquent who learned Jiujitsu and finds nothing. Then he learns Jiujitsu from a man named ‘Jason’ who saved him. Three months later, Sejun, who learned Jiujitsu and lost weight, finds out that a veiled group is involved, and wants to destroy it. A school action drama depicting individual revenge.

I automatically fell in love with the manga as soon as I saw on TikTok, a creator talked about it and I just knew that I was going to like it. Luckily forme it’s just 18 chapters so far and it’s ongoing. So I was able to catch up.

I highly recommend this to you if you’re a big fan of Action Manga/Manwha

And to my favorite segment of the review…..picture sharing ❤️❤️❤️

I hope you like them cause I really love them.


  1. Oh wow this manga is something else. It reminds me of a gone-wild version of one of my favorite movie franchises of all time, The Karate Kid – and not because of the martial arts lol.

    I haven’t read a lot of manga myself though. The only ones I’ve seen include the Madoka mangas at the bookstore or the Evangelion Shinji Ikari Raising Project ones, which are an entertaining read compared to the actual anime.

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