Anime Review #7

One Punch Man 1

OPM was recommended to me by my cousin, he was like “guy have you heard of One Punch Man, this guy literally wastes everyone with a punch, like in every battle a mop is needed to clean up the mess”. That got me hooked for real and that’s how I ended up watching it. No regrets at all.

Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Comedy, Parody, Superpower, Supernatural

Type: TV

Episodes: 12

Year: Fall 2015

Duration: 24 mins per episode

Aired: Oct 5, 2015 to Dec 21, 2015

Status: Finished airing

Studios: Madhouse

Ratings: R – 17+ (Violence & Profanity)


Synopsis: In a world where crime is prevalent, the HERO ASSOCIATION is created to assemble heroes to fight off villains and protect civilians. SAITAMA, the main character of the story becomes excessively strong after training very hard in other to fulfil his dream as the strongest hero. He then gets a discipline (unintentionally), named GENOS, a 19 year’s old CYBORG who lost his family to a cyborg (still unknown) and plans his revenge but suddenly gets attached to Saitama when he finishes up MOSQUITO GIRL who nearly killed him. Will the heroes be able to stop an inevitable attack coming their way and will Saitama finally gets the recognition he deserves?

My thoughts: I’m A SUCKER FOR COMEDY and that’s what drew me to the show. Also, SAITAMA IS RIDICULOUSLY STRONG, so watching him wipe out villains with a punch without any trace is just amazing. Aside this, it has a fair storyline and a good animation style & quality, so I’ll be giving it a solid 8/10

⚠Guys guys!!!! What anime would you love me to review?. I’ll pick 2 at random. So drop your choice at the comment section!!!!

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