Announcement #4

I’ll be starting an interview segment very soon.

So guys I’m going to interview you and I want you guys to answer the following questions.

1. What’s your name?
2. Why do you like anime?
3. Very first anime you watched
4. Your favorite anime
5. If you were an anime character who would you be and why?
6. Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed
7. What’s you favorite anime verse?
8. What’s your favorite genre?
9. Who’s your favorite Hero?
10. Who’s your favorite Villain?
11. Your anime crush?
12. Your saddest anime scene?
13. Anime character you are most similar to
14. Anime with best animation
15. Favorite supporting character
16. Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you’ve watched it
17. Most epic scene
18. Anime character you hate
19. Favorite attack someone used in an anime
20. Maddest anime plot twist
21. Saddest anime death
22. Favorite quote from any anime character
23. An anime you wished was real
24. An anime you wished it never ended

Once the interview is over, pls post it on your social medium and please don’t forget to tag me (It’severythinganime)

Thanks for your cooperation❤️

DM me if you’re interested👇

Or you could tell me in the comment section what social platform you use if you’re interested.

So pls join in and lets have fun together ✌❤️


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