Anime Celeb Week #7


Anime: Berserk


  • Black Swordsman (Kuroi Kenshi)
  • Struggler (Mogakumono)
  • Berserker (Kyō Senshi)
  • Branded Swordsman (Rakuni no Kenshi)
  • Hundred Man Slayer (Hyakuninkiri)

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Height: 6’8″(204cm)

Weight: 253lbs(115kg)


  • Gambino (adopted father, deceased)
  • Shizu (adopted mother, deceased)
  • Unnamed mother (deceased)
  • Unknown father
  • Casca (lover)
  • Demon child (offspring)


  • Puck
  • Isidoro
  • Farnese De Vandimon
  • Serpico
  • Schierke
  • Evalera
  • Skull Knight
  • Flora
  • Moonlight child
  • Azan
  • Casca
  • Erica
  • Rodrick
  • Isma
  • Manifico
  • Magi and fairies of Skellig
  • Band of the hawk
  • Griffith (formerly)
  • Pippin
  • Gaston
  • Raiders (his personal taskforce)


  • Griffith/Femto
  • Neo Band of the Hawk
  • Apostles
  • Kushan Empire
  • Black Dog Knights
  • Captain Sharkriders
  • Sea god
  • The god Hand

Birthplace: Guts was born from the corpse of his lynched mother underneath a hanging tree, where he was left to die alone to a mire of blood and afterbirth

Status: Alive

“I’m used to fighting to survive. By what grows worse daily is the pressure not to die. Have I ever before wielded a sword so heavy?”


He is a strong willed and tenacious man driven and fueled by anger enough to kill the one man who betrayed his trust and revenge for the lives Griffith took


  • Above average physical strength
  • Swordsmanship experience
  • Various weapons master
  • Superb tactical senses
  • Superhuman endurance
  • Tenacity
  • Rage empowerment
  • Fast learner (adaptability)
  • Very intelligent
  • Berserker armor (amplifies his physical attributes to inhuman level)

1. Guts and Sasuke Uchiha share various similarities between each other.
2. Both were betrayed by someone close to them.
3. Both watched the people they care about get massacred.
4. Both preferred working alone than working with others.
5. Both desired revenge for the people they cared about.
6. Both wanted to kill the person that betrayed them.
7. Both lost their left arms.

More pictures:

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