Bye 2020, Welcome 2021!! || Performance Review

First of all, Happy New Year Everyone β™₯. So 2020 is finally over?, If I’m to be honest with you, I consider last year a bad year as a whole but it did have some really enjoyable moments.

Anyways I’m here to ask you guys to review my 2020 blogging year.

On the 21nd of June, I started my career as an anime blogger. Being an anime blogger is super fun but I was being skeptical about it…..why?

  • In 2016, that’s when I actually debuted but I was discouraged (low number of views and interactions) and that made me quit 2 or 3 days after my first post.
  • Anime isn’t yet a normal thing in Nigeria, but people these days are getting interested and that’s a good thing because that helped me build my confidence last year. I still have the highest views from Nigeria. I thank my friends (all my otaku friends) and the rest reading my posts from different parts of the country and I deeply thank everyone else who reads my posts from different parts of the world.
I’m 100% grateful to everyone

Like I was saying, I’m asking you guys to review last year for me.

That picture above was my stats for 2020, now before you say anything. I would like you guys to know that I was extremely lazy at a point last year and that reduced how frequent I uploaded a post.

So during my last 5 months, do you guys think I made progress?. Please drop your comments

Please help me help myself

Now we are into a new year and I’m really excited about it because of the amazing anime lineup for 2021. I also have some goals for the year and they are….

Anime Lineup 2021 got me feeling cute right now
  1. Improve my contents
  2. I’m looking for someone or people who will join me make collaborative posts (very funny posts). I do hope I find them soon.

I’m sure more goals will pop up as the year progresses.

So I’m asking you all to look forward to this year because I’ll be here with more interesting posts. And if anyone is looking for a collaborative post, I’m here. I want to get myself 100% involved in the community (here I go again with my cheesy sentences)

I genuinely wish for great things to come to everyone this year and forever. I almost forgot, don’t forget to like, comment, share and like my blog site ✌β™₯

Please make sure your kid is fully dressed before taking him/her out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  1. FWIW, I enjoy your content! Please do keep posting your honest thoughts on anime shows. I think in the final analysis, that’s the best any of us can offer: our authentic view.

    That probably sounded way more sententious than I intended.

    Good luck in 2021!

    Liked by 1 person

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