Anime Celeb Week #2


Anime: Gantz

Name: Kei Kishimoto

Alias: Big Tits

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Occupation: Alien Hunter, Student

Team: Tokyo Team, Gantz Team

Height: 160cm


  • Mrs. Kishimoto (Mother)
  • Shiori Kishimoto (Sister)

Status: Dead [Ep 22]

“You can’t kill Masaru, I won’t let you”

Kei Kishimoto

KISHIMOTO is a nice girl, gentle, kind, Smart and very attractive due to the enormous size of her breasts but can be very foolish around guys and thus gives guys the wrong idea as shown when she asked KURONO to keep her as his pet and even went as far as asking him to allow her stay at his place.

Abilities: Each players are provided suits which increases their survivability and physical prowess

  • Super Strength
  • Invisibility

Although she never used the suit’s abilities only the X gun. She was able to get 10 points before she died. She was super clingy and often posed defenseless and hopeless to people but that changed towards the end of the anime and that got her killed since she sacrificed he

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